Views of former U.S. Army Barracks

All photos of the barracks were taken with the official permission of the associated institutions!

Leighton Barracks - Housing Aera Leighton Barracks - Housing Aera Tank Stock U.S. Army - Hospital - immediately after the start of rebuilding U.S. Army - Hospital - during the rebuilding US Army Hospital - after the rebuilding U.S. Army Hospital - 1 year after closure U.S. Army Hospital - a short time after closure Ammunitionsdepot Steinbachtal Hindenburg Kaserne Airbase Giebelstadt Airfield Giebelstadt 2014 Harvey Barracks - Shooting Bunker Harvey Barracks - Ammunition depot Harvey Barracks - Housing Area Harvey Barracks - Training area US Army - radio station in the Spessart U.S. Army - Larson Barracks - Patriot side U.S. Army - Larson Barracks - Conventional ammo U.S. Army - Larson Barracks - Special weapons storage site U.S. Army - Larson Barracks - inside Marshall Heights Housing Area Declaration of Independence The National Anthem of USA

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