Airfield Giebelstadt

in May 2014 | my mission is acomplished

In 2014, many buildings were sold and therefore no longer accessible. The unsold areas and buildings, as well as the runway are fenced and should not be entered by private individuals. Partly because of the danger of take-off and landing aircraft or because of the risk of injury due to alleged legacies of the U.S. Army and bombs from the 2nd World War.

That's why no more photos were taken after 2014. Should something new arise, I will also be active again.

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Edward Barracks


Larson Barracks

Fotos von ehemaligen US Kasernen

ktuelle Fotos


Leighton Barracks


Alleberry seit 1999

Lincoln Housing Area

Harvey Barracks

Emery Barracks

Marshall Heights

Corvette Circle

Big Red 1

Ammunitionsdepot Steinbachtal

Leighton Housing Area

Ansichten von ehemaligen U.S. Army Barracks in Wuerzburg, Kitzingen Schweinfurt,

die in keiner Touristeninformation zu finden sind!

Views of former U.S. Army barracks in Wuerzburg, Kitzingen Schweinfurt,

which are not to be found in any tourist information!

Edward Barracks

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