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Ansichten von ehemaligen U.S. Army Barracks in Wuerzburg, Kitzingen Schweinfurt,

die in keiner Touristeninformation zu finden sind!

Views of former U.S. Army barracks in Wuerzburg, Kitzingen Schweinfurt,

which are not to be found in any tourist information!

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 Date: 2024/04/22


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Hindenburg Barracks

Back then: The barracks were built in the 1930s and taken over by the US Army after the Second World War.

It was the location of the 123rd Signal Battalion, the intelligence unit of the 3rd US Infantry Division.

Due to its military task, the battalion had numerous vehicles and technical equipment that had to be stored in garages and storage halls.

At the beginning of the 1990s, the US soldiers withdrew from the Hindenburg barracks.

Today: The 22,500 m² site is still largely wasteland, as several designs for civilian use were rejected.

Large areas of soil and groundwater have been contaminated by leaking tanks at a military gas station.

At the beginning of March 2012, the Free State of Bavaria purchased the area for the Würzburg state fire brigade school and will have several training halls and a fire training area built here as part of the expansion of the fire brigade school.