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 Date: 2023/03/15

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Faulenberg Kaserne

The garrison was constructed from 1876 to 1879 as the Neue Artilleriekaserne, located along Faulenbergstraße (now Nürnberger Straße) near the Würzburg-Bamberg rail lines. It was named after the Faulenberg vineyard, near where it was built. From 1879 until the dissolution of Bavarian Army in 1919, this barracks was home to the Königlich Bayerisches 2. Feldartillerie-Regiment Horn (Thelemann, 1924). After the First World War, the barracks were used until 1939 by the police and later by machine gun troops and communications units of the Wehrmacht. At the end of the Second World War it was occupied by the U.S. Army from 1945 until its closure in 2007

back to former U.S. Army Barracks anno 2007 anno 2008 anno 2010 old storage brick building
Faulenbergkaserne (2007)

Faulenberg Kaserne anno 2007

A short time after the return of the barracks

 - anno 2007 Faulenbergkaserne (2008)

Faulenberg Kaserne anno 2008

within the barracks

 - anno 2008 Faulenbergkaserne (2010)

Faulenberg Kaserne anno 2010

3 years after the return of the barracks

 - anno 2010 Faulenbergkaserne - old storage brick buildings

Faulenberg Kaserne anno 2008

The old storage brick buildings

 - the old storage brick buildings