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The 33rd Field Hospital operates the United States Army Hospital Wuerzburg and is a 350-bed fixed installation serving the Würzburg MSA (Medical Service Area), an area exceeding 5,000 square miles. The major unit supported is the 3rd Infantry Division, the North Bayern Support District and a dependent and DAC (Department of the Army) population.

On January 16, 2008, the site administration handed the site back to the German Federal Agency for Real Estate (BImA).

In 2009, the federal government sold the site to Nürnberger Maiberg GmbH. This is where the new Mönchberg Park was created. The old building from 1937 was divided into 15 areas with 8 to 15 residential units. A total of 150 condominiums with 3 to 4 rooms and a size between 85 and 126 m² were built there. The new surgical wing erected in 1990 in the south-eastern part of the site was demolished.


Shortly after the pullback


one year later


before the rebuilding


during the rebuilding


after the rebuilding

When I asked to take photos as soon as possible, I got a negative answer from the bima because the sales talks had already started.

After the sale to Maiberg Wohnbau GmbH, I asked directly and got permission.

This is how the photos were taken shortly after the start of the renovation and the following photos that were shot inside the site.

I have listed all my photos here, during the renovation, through windows on the city, small details etc.

Click on the photos to enlarge them

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Edward Barracks


Larson Barracks

Fotos von ehemaligen US Kasernen

ktuelle Fotos


Leighton Barracks


Alleberry seit 1999

Lincoln Housing Area

Harvey Barracks

Emery Barracks

Marshall Heights

Corvette Circle

Big Red 1

Ammunitionsdepot Steinbachtal

Leighton Housing Area

very interesting external page about the U.S. Army in Europe: http://www.usarmygermany.com/


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Ansichten von ehemaligen U.S. Army Barracks in Wuerzburg, Kitzingen Schweinfurt,

die in keiner Touristeninformation zu finden sind!

Views of former U.S. Army barracks in Wuerzburg, Kitzingen Schweinfurt,

which are not to be found in any tourist information!

Edward Barracks